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Old 05-05-2002
Question Help with UNIX Backup/Archiving

I am doing a report for my data communications class on Mac OS X Server/UNIX and I need to know about Archiving/Backup. Is it easy? How do you do it? etc.


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Old 05-06-2002
Pls check the forum rules, no assignments or homeworks allowed.

Im sure you can find those informations on the net ( or in books. Do abid the forum rules.
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Old 05-06-2002
Oops, sorry. Must have skipped over that one. Although, I have to say I think it is a ridiculous and absurd rule. This is an information exchange.
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Old 05-07-2002
Nope, certainly not a ridiculous and absurd rule. Why? Because homework, assignments, or projects meant to be a self practice. Its is based to test your capabilities to identify the problem or structure by yourself without any help. If we help your assignments here and it was succesfull, is it worth of your lessons that you take. I certainly believe its not worthy. The rule that was set on this forum by the Administrator certainly restrict users from passing down assignment questions. Even though this is a Information Exchange it doesnt mean to exchange homework questions based answers. Do post back for any clarifications.

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Old 05-08-2002
You obviously are not a student. Doing a research paper means researching, talking to those in the field. I do not have a copy of UNIX readily available on my computer. Therefore, I go to information sources. As we have previously established, this is an information exchange. That is why I came here. Any more questions?
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Old 05-10-2002
do it the old fashtioned way. the same way we learned. RTFM

as my good friend Will Hunthing said " I droped 3.50 in late charges at the libary; while you spend 35K to goto school and learn the same thing"
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