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Old 10-30-2000

I've downloaded distributed latest build for dnetc, and I think i installed it. Not sure where the excicuteable would be. Any help? i realize this is a little ambigious, so I can allways reintstall it if i know how to put it in a specific directory..

does anyone know if VNC works for the Intel Build of Solaris?

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Old 11-01-2000
If the name of the file you are looking for is 'foo' (for example) you could find it by trying this command:

find / -exec grep foo {} \;

There are other ways to check for the location of files in the filesystem which are not in your path environmental variables. The example above is just one way.
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Old 11-04-2000
The distributed.net binaries usually unpack into your current working directory. So, you might, for example, do something like this:

mkdir dnet
cd dnet
<download distribution and save it here>
gunzip dnet*
tar -xvf dnet*
./dnetc -config

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Old 11-06-2000

i'll give that a shot when I get back to my office.

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