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remote backup ?

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Old 02-22-2008
Question remote backup ?


MachineA has the tape drive.
Currently using ufsdump to backup MachineA.

ufsdump 0uf /dev/rmt/0n /

Currently using ufsdump on MachineB to MachineA's tape drive (appending to same tape).

ufsdump 0uf MachineA:/dev/rmt/0n /

Is there a way to use ufsdump on MachineA to backup MachineB's filesystem on MachineA's tape drive?

I would like to do it this way because I have two separate crons (one on MachineA, one on MachineB) running backups to the same tape drive and would rather have one cron on MachineA that will do both.

Running on solaris 5.8

Thanks in advance

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VMSBACKUP(1)						      General Commands Manual						      VMSBACKUP(1)

vmsbackup - read a VMS backup tape SYNOPSIS
vmsbackup -{tx}[cdenvw][s setnumber][f tapefile] [ name ... ] DESCRIPTION
vmsbackup reads a VMS generated backup tape, converting the files to Unix format and writing the files to disc. The default operation of the program is to go through an entire tape, extracting every file and writing it to disc. This may be modified by the following options. c Use complete filenames, including the version number. A colon and the octal version number will be appended to all filenames. A colon, rather than a semicolon, is used since the Unix Shell uses the semicolon as the line separator. Using a colon prevents the user from having to escape the semicolon when referencing the filename. This option is useful only when multiple versions of the same file are on a single tape or when a file of the same name already exists in the destination directory. The default is to ignore version numbers. d use the directory structure from VMS, the default value is off. e Process all filename extensions. Since this program is mainly intended to move source code and possibly data from a DEC system to a Unix system, the default is to ignore all files whose filename extension specifies system dependent data. The file types which will be ignored, unless the e option is specified, are exe VMS executable file lib VMS object library file obj RSX object file odl RSX overlay description file olb RSX object library file pmd RSX post mortem dump file stb RSX task symbol table file sys RSX bootable system file tsk RSX executable task file f Use the next argument in the command line as the tape device to be used, rather than the default. If vmsbackup is compiled with the remote tape option and the file name has the form system[.user]:/dev/??? vmsbackup will use the tape drive /dev/??? on the remote system system, via rsh(1), and rmt(8). The optional user portion of the pathname specifies the login name to use on the remote system. If it is not supplied, the current user's login name will be used. In all the cases, the user must have the appropriate permissions on the remote machine, in order to use this facility. The default is /dev/rmt8 (drive 0, raw mode, 1600 bpi). This must be a raw mode tape device. n If the tape has a variable-length record format, then do not append a newline onto the end of the records. This option does not affect stream or FORTRAN files. s saveset Process only the given saveset number. t Produce a table of contents (a directory listing) on the standard output of the files on tape. v Verbose output. Normally vmsbackup does its work silently. The verbose option will cause the filenames of the files being read from tape to disk to be output on the standard output. w vmsbackup prints the action to be taken followed by file name, then wait for user confirmation. If a word beginning with `y' is given, the action is done. Any other input means don't do it. x extract the named files from the tape. The optional name argument specifies one or more filenames to be searched for specifically on the tape and only those files are to be processed. The name may contain the usal sh(1) meta-characters *?![] 0n. FILES
/dev/rmtx SEE ALSO
rmtops(3) BUGS
The filename match uses the complete VMS file names. AUTHOR
John Douglas Carey Sven-Ove Westberg VMSBACKUP(1)

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