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Old 07-17-2002
cpio backup to a remote device..


Needing to perform a backup of one system to the tape unit on another system. Why, well because the local tape device is stuffed and I desparately need to have a backup completed successfully sooner rather than not at all.

My question is how do I set the below code to allow me to perform the cpio command to write to the everest_backup: server's /dev/nrStp0 device?

state=`cat /etc/MSTATE`; if [ $state != "master" ]; then exit 0;fi
umask 0
CPIOCMD="cpio -ovcB > $DEVICE2"
FILE=nite`date '+%d'`
export FILE

## **** Comment the below two(2) lines ONLY when testing ****

# If a different directory or file name is required for the backup,
# changed the above lines only.
# Check for the existance of backup directory.
# If it doesn't exist, create it. The logfile will be created automatically.

exit_print ()
        if [ $* -gt 0 ]
#       echo "Exit Code: $*" >> $LOGFILE

        cat $LOGFILE | \
        mail -s"$STATUS backup of TVL(EVEREST) on Everest-backup." ops@somedomain.com.au
        exit 0

if [ ! -d $DIRECTORY ]
        mkdir $DIRECTORY


# Remove all core and enc files from directories being backed up.
# find /usr/acct \( -name core -o -name '*.enc' \) -print | xargs /bin/rm -f &
# Remove all core from system.
# The following command has been # out as it took over 1&half hours to complete

# run from cron every week instead
#find / -name core -print | xargs /bin/rm -f

# Remove enc files from directories being backed up.

echo "" > $LOGFILE
echo "Backup of everest commenced  "`date` >> $LOGFILE
echo "" >> $LOGFILE

# Retension tape
echo "** Backup Start using cpio command:"
echo "**       '"$CPIOCMD"'."
echo "** Rewinding Tape Device: "$DEVICE1
tape rewind $DEVICE1
echo "** Rewinding Tape Device: "$DEVICE1
tape rewind $DEVICE1
echo "** Sleeping (20)"
sleep 20
echo "** Rewinding Tape Device: "$DEVICE1
tape rewind $DEVICE1
echo "** Error Result of Rewind: "$ERROR
case $ERROR in
  0) ;;
  *) echo " " >> $LOGFILE
     echo "**** WARNING ****" >> $LOGFILE
     echo "Cannot retension tape. Backup Aborted." >> $LOGFILE
     echo "    Error Status = $ERROR" >> $LOGFILE
     exit_print $ERROR ;;

cd /

# "/x1" used for testing.
#for shit in "/x1"
#for shit in "/" "/stand" "/u" "/u1" "/u2"
#for shit in "/" "/stand" "/u" "/u1" "/u2" "/x1"

for shit in "/x1"
    echo "**** Changing To Directory: "$shit
    cd $shit
    echo "**** File marker $marker filesystem "$shit
    echo "File marker $marker filesystem $shit" >> $LOGFILE
    date >> $LOGFILE

    #ps -ef >> $LOGFILE_DETAIL
    #fuser $shit >> $LOGFILE_DETAIL

    echo " " >> $LOGFILE_DETAIL
    if  [ `date +'%u'` -ge 1 -a `date +'%u'` -le 5 ]
        #incremental backup mon to fri

        echo "**** Backup of "$shit" Commenced. ( "`date '+%R'`" )"
        find . -mtime -14 -mount -depth -print | \
          $CPIOCMD \
            2>> $LOGFILE_DETAIL
        echo "**** Backup of "$shit" Completed.( "$?" )"

        ## - Revert to Full-Backups as of 19/04/02 - requested by Anish (TVL)
        ##  find . -mount -depth -print |cpio -ovcB >$DEVICE1 \
        ##   2>> $LOGFILE_DETAIL

        ##  find . -mount -depth -print | \
        ##  cpio -ovcC32768 | dd of=$DEVICE1 conv=bmode bs=32k \
        ##    2>> $LOGFILE_DETAIL

        #full backup sat/sun
        ##find . -mount -depth -print | \
        ##  cpio -ovcB >$DEVICE1 2>> $LOGFILE_DETAIL
        find . -mount -depth -print | \
          cpio -ovcC32768 | dd of=$DEVICE1 conv=bmode bs=32k \
            2>> $LOGFILE_DETAIL

  marker=`expr $marker + 1`
  errcount=`expr $errcount + $ERROR`

echo " " >> $LOGFILE

# Test for success of backup.
case $ERROR in
        0) echo "Backup successful .... Phew!" >> $LOGFILE ;;
        *) echo "** WARNING ** Backup unsuccessful ended "`date` >> $LOGFILE
        case $ERROR in
        2)  echo " PROBLEM WITH TAPE DRIVE" >> $LOGFILE
            exit_print $ERROR ;;
            exit_print $ERROR ;;
        5)  echo "          I/O ERROR" >> $LOGFILE
            exit_print $ERROR ;;
        6)  echo " NO SUCH DEVICE1 OR ADDRESS" >> $LOGFILE
            exit_print $ERROR ;;
        7)  echo " ARGUMENT LIST TOO LONG" >> $LOGFILE
            exit_print $ERROR ;;
        11) echo " NO MORE PROCESSES" >> $LOGFILE
            exit_print $ERROR ;;
        12) echo " NOT ENOUGH SPACE" >> $LOGFILE
            exit_print $ERROR ;;
        13) echo " PERMISSION DENIED" >> $LOGFILE
            exit_print $ERROR ;;
        28) echo " NO SPACE ON DEVICE1" >> $LOGFILE
            exit_print $ERROR ;;
        *)  echo "    ** Aborting **" >> $LOGFILE
            echo "    Error Status = $ERROR"  >> $LOGFILE
            exit_print $ERROR ;;
        esac ;;

echo "  " >> $LOGFILE
echo " End Time:     "`date '+%H:%M:%S'` >> $LOGFILE
echo " " >> $LOGFILE

echo "** Getting Status of  Tape Device: "$DEVICE1
tape status $DEVICE1 >> $LOGFILE
echo "** Rewinding Tape Device: "$DEVICE1
tape rewind $DEVICE1
echo "** Unloading Tape Device: "$DEVICE1
tape unload $DEVICE1
echo " Rewind completed:     "`date '+%H:%M:%S'` >> $LOGFILE
echo " " >> $LOGFILE
# Test for successful read of tape. If not successful, end script.
echo " " >> $LOGFILE
exit_print 0

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Old 08-15-2002
have you updated the .rhosts file on both servers ?
# 3  
Old 08-15-2002
Yep, both updated.

Could I be missing something in the script??
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Old 08-15-2002
First - look to insure you can 'go both ways'

On system everest (the one with the tape drive) do a
% rsh systemX uptime

as the user who will be running the script. Then go from systemX (the one to be backed up) to system Everest.
% rsh everest_backup uptime

If you get a response both ways of the output of the uptime command (or one of your favorites) then the next problem is permissions on the tape drive. If you get permission denied, then there is still a problem with trust between the servers. That is usually the problem - check your /etc/hosts.equiv files or appropriate rhost files for the user and servers.

It's possible that a regular user can't backup to the tape drive. Sign in as the user that will be running the job on the client. See if you can manually cpio to the tape drive on everest.

If this all works, then run the script manually. If it works - run in cron.

Post back results for all test.
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