can not get netapp to mount RPC Not registered error

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Old 02-21-2008
can not get netapp to mount RPC Not registered error

getting "NFS mount: netapp : RPC: Program not registered" error

searched the site but none of the fixes from previous threads are helping
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Old 02-22-2008
If that error was coming from a unix nfs server, it would typically mean that mountd had died and needed to be restarted. I'm not sure if netapp has a way to do the equivalent. Rebooting the netapp should restart it's mountd (or equivalent) for sure.
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Old 02-22-2008
This could be caused by many things. The first thing that you should check is the the exports file on the NetApp filer. From the NetApp filer console, type 'exportfs' and cross reference the output with your mount command.
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