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The Solaris Operating System, usually known simply as Solaris, is a Unix-based operating system introduced by Sun Microsystems. The Solaris OS is now owned by Oracle.

nfs mount: RPC: Rpcbind failure - RPC: Timed out


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Old 07-31-2012
Data nfs mount: RPC: Rpcbind failure - RPC: Timed out

Fails to mount the server ( during installation of a software on client, throwing the below error:

nfs mount: : RPC: Rpcbind failure - RPC: Timed out
nfs mount: retrying: /cdrom

This happened after complete shutdown of the lab. The server came up fine but most of the services were offline and uninitialized. Enabled it as shown below but still mount didnot work from client.

# svcadm -v clear/enable svc:/system/filesystem/local:default

(Now all the services shows online when dong "svcs")

Googled and tried all the below troubleshooting but no luck...

1) disable the firewall..
ipf -Fa

svcadm disable svc:/network/ipfilter:default

2) Tried the following commands....
svcadm enable nfs/client

/etc/init.d/nfs.server start

svcadm enable svc:/network/rpc/rstat:default

None of the above commands could not fix the issue
**Are the below ports correct for rpcbind in /etc/services ?
sunrpc 111/udp rpcbind
sunrpc 111/tcp rpcbind

**Could it be space issue ?

**I see the mount entry...Are these entries correct

In /etc/dfs/dfstab, share -F nfs -o ro,anon=0 /export/home/sis/jumpsrx
In /etc/vfstab, - /export/home/sis/jumpsrx nfs - yes -


This was one of the solution provided while I googling it...(how to run rpcbind?)

the NFS is located in /usr/lib directory.PATH doesn't contain it.So you must input the fullpath of the mountd(/usr/lib/nfs/mountd)and nfsd(/usr/lib/nfs/nfsd) to start them.After starting mountd and nfsd(rpcbind was started when booting the OS),now ,you can start the NFS server!

If this is correct solution, how to go about input the fullpath of the mountd and nfsd ?

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Old 08-16-2012
This got resolved by editing "/etc/security/access.conf" ( by giving access to all the users)......I am not sure if this is the correct solution (or) is it a workaround.
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