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Old 02-21-2008
run a script from incoming email

I have a bit of a problem i need help with.
I have a script that runs no problems when i run it manually. as soon as i stick in
tester: /app/scripts/
into /etc/aliases & try to run it by sending a mail it doesnt work.
the output files are owned by daemon, which i dont like & think may be the problem.

(the script calls a binary that logs onto a remote server (without prompts or interaction) which then does its thing ( i have no choice i must use this method to reach the final program))

& its perfectly fine if i run it manually & apparently others in the company had been able to make their script run from aliases.
but i'm a newbie & learning as i go.

so, how can i get a script executed by daemon to be ran as a user & not daemon.

on solaris 10.

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Old 02-21-2008
I'm having a little trouble following, but I think this might work for you:

paste the program text into this file and save it
chmod 755

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Old 02-22-2008
getting the script to run manually is no problem. its even got 777 perms
the problem i think is it is running as daemon when it gets called from /etc/aliases.
& if i can change it to run as me or nobody then i can eliminate 1 possible answer

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Old 02-22-2008
as with 'crontab'... make sure that your 'script' has all the neccessary enviroment variables defined at the point of a execution. If necessary, wrap your script with the 'wrapper' script that defines the env. vars and calls the script then.
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Old 02-22-2008
that sound like a plan, except i dont know how to define the environment to run as as specific user.
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Old 02-22-2008
If you put it into your crontab it will run under your username.
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Old 02-22-2008
it cant go under crontab, it gets triggered by an incoming mail & they are sporadic
& i just tried 4755 permissions & dumped the ps info & its now running as my used id, which is fine. but still doesnt work.

maybe it my system call?

$outputfile = /tmp/tmp.out;
system "/usr/bin/binary -submit $outputfile";

is that an ok system call?

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