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Old 10-25-2000

If you specify the same directory in your FPATH and PATH
variables, and you type in a "command" (e.g. hello), and
there exists a file called hello in that common directory,
will the shell first attempt to interpret this file as a
function, and failing this, then re-attempt to interpret
it as a script/binary-executable?

I've always kept my FPATH and PATH pathnames separate, but
my current work location is mixing the two (i.e. they put
scripts, binaries AND functions in the "bin" directory).
I have a bin directory for scripts and binaries, and a
funcs directory for functions.

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Old 10-25-2000
From the ksh man page:

FPATH The search path for function definitions. This path is searched when a function with the -u
attribute is referenced and when a command is not

ksh will try to find commands first, then functions.
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Old 10-25-2000
If the function is autoloaded, then it will find the "cmd"
in the FPATH location "before" it finds it in the PATH
location (i.e. it executes autoloaded functions before
commands). If the function is not autoloaded, then it will
find the command first.

My original question deals with having the same directory
in BOTH PATH and FPATH and how the shell handles this,
especially concerning the "efficiency" of its search.
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