install locale on Solaris8

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Old 02-20-2002
install locale on Solaris8

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone knows how to install additional language after the system had been installed in english. I know that you could do an upgrade with the language support. But is there a way in which one can install different language fonts? I was reading up on Solaris install and it refers to "locale" but doesn't have any information on how to obtain nor install it. I was wondering if anyone can give me information on adding language to Solaris8 OS.
I'm currently running Solaris8 on a SUN Ultra1.
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Old 02-20-2002
I assume , that you have the Solaris 8 CD with you.
login as su, start admintool # admintool & in the source media after mount your cd point to the Locale package location there should be some Packages for you to select plus the Locale fonts as you asked. Select the locale type and Press Add. That would do it...

This is quite good link for the Solaris 8 Locale font chart :

hope this helps you
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Old 02-22-2002


I was able to install the locale I needed but I guess that I was on the wrong track. I wanted to be able to run application that would display different language. Do I have to find fonts and install them?

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