where are my email log files

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Old 11-28-2007
where are my email log files

I am trying to find the email log file that would have info on users downloading their pop mail. Our email is hosted on a unix server running apache. I am not sure the exact version of mail software running, but when I telnet to the mail server the response I get is this "+OK POP3 [nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn] v2003.83rh server ready." What folder will I find the e-mail logs in? And what information is in them? Can I see the ip addresses of the computers that downloaded mail?
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Old 11-28-2007
If You have a hosting service maybe the host should be able to provide You with the logs? Either if You have an administrative interface or just by asking them.
The location depends on the mail server software but probably in /var/log/mail* or something. I don't think You can get it through a telnet session to the server software that responds to pop3 requests).
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Old 11-28-2007
My provider has been less than helpful. I have access via a web based site administrator, but have been having trouble locating the log files since I am unsure of it's name or location.

I provided the telnet response in the hope that it would provide some clues as to what version of mail services are running.

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Old 11-28-2007
Well, if You have shell access (ssh/telnet), You may be able to browse through the system. Then /var/log is the best bet. They may be saving the respective user/account log files in the users own file hierarchy. But it may be crippled by using chroot/jailshell/tightened rights or something so that Your possibilities to read anything out of Your own account are limited.
If Your admin interface doesn't offer anything having "log" and "mail" in its name, well maybe You should consider changing host? Smilie


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