are dropped packets a sign of network problem?

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Old 10-10-2007
are dropped packets a sign of network problem?

in a xen environment , i see a lot op dropped packets via netstat -i

Is this a sign of network problems, or is it normal to see this kind of numbers? i'm not sure how to interprete the data. is this normal, bad, critical. What are your stats on this?

I guess i have a xen issue of some sort, but not sure what yet

[root@redhat06 xen]# netstat -i
Kernel Interface table
eth0       1500   0 53999491      0      0      0  6234874      0      0      0 BMRU
lo        16436   0  9247734      0      0      0  9247734      0      0      0 LRU
peth0      1500   0 135679270      0      0      0 95455766      0      0      0 BORU
tap0       1500   0  5411876      0      0      0 35071803      0      0      0 BMRU
vif-vmdeb  1500   0        0      0      0      0       35      0 333350      0 BORU
vif0.0     1500   0  6234874      0      0      0 53999492      0      0      0 BORU
vif6.0     1500   0 55813641      0      0      0 98482968      0 482338      0 BORU
vif6.1     1500   0        0      0      0      0       39      0 46875771      0 BORU
vif68.0    1500   0        0      0      0      0        0      0      0      0 BOU
vif69.0    1500   0  9349348      0      0      0 30571290      0   3282      0 BORU
vif69.1    1500   0        0      0      0      0       44      0 18947590      0 BORU
vif70.0    1500   0   129605      0      0      0   460256      0    702      0 BORU
vif70.1    1500   0        0      0      0      0       35      0 333350      0 BORU
xenbr0     1500   0 46298695      0      0      0        0      0      0      0 BORU

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Old 10-10-2007
Unless you have routers that detect denial of service attacks and drop packets deliberately, then you have some sort of problem on the vi series devices. Sorry I don't know xen, I'm guessing they are virtual. I don't believe dropped packets of the magnitude you see are an expected behavior. Anywhere. Somebody who knows your Os will have to comment to give a definite answer.
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