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Problem: Single Sign On for linux

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Old 07-21-2009
Problem: Single Sign On for linux

Hi gurus,
I'd like to know your opions about Single Sign On (SSO) for linux (Debian). In my company, clients want to access to different services (FTP, HTTP, Mail, Web Applications ). I think about OpenLDAP and Proxy (Squid, Vulture) to resolve this problem but i'm not sure if they can. Are there others solutions for this SSO problem ? The more secure, the better it is.
Any suggestion will be welcome and thankful.
Kind regards,
Thanh Dat

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Mojo::Content::Single(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				Mojo::Content::Single(3pm)

Mojo::Content::Single - HTTP 1.1 content container SYNOPSIS
use Mojo::Content::Single; my $single = Mojo::Content::Single->new; $single->parse("Content-Length: 12 Hello World!"); DESCRIPTION
Mojo::Content::Single is a container for HTTP 1.1 content as described in RFC 2616. EVENTS
Mojo::Content::Single inherits all events from Mojo::Content and can emit the following new ones. "upgrade" $single->on(upgrade => sub { my ($single, $multi) = @_; ... }); Emitted when content gets upgraded to a Mojo::Content::MultiPart object. $single->on(upgrade => sub { my ($single, $multi) = @_; return unless $multi->headers->content_type =~ /multipart/([^;]+)/i; say "Multipart: $1"; }); ATTRIBUTES
Mojo::Content::Single inherits all attributes from Mojo::Content and implements the following new ones. "asset" my $asset = $single->asset; $single = $single->asset(Mojo::Asset::Memory->new); The actual content, defaults to a Mojo::Asset::Memory object with "auto_upgrade" enabled. "auto_upgrade" my $upgrade = $single->auto_upgrade; $single = $single->auto_upgrade(0); Try to detect multipart content and automatically upgrade to a Mojo::Content::MultiPart object, defaults to 1. METHODS
Mojo::Content::Single inherits all methods from Mojo::Content and implements the following new ones. "new" my $single = Mojo::Content::Single->new; Construct a new Mojo::Content::Single object and subscribe to "read" event with default content parser. "body_contains" my $success = $single->body_contains('1234567'); Check if content contains a specific string. "body_size" my $size = $single->body_size; Content size in bytes. "clone" my $clone = $single->clone; Clone content if possible, otherwise return "undef". "get_body_chunk" my $chunk = $single->get_body_chunk(0); Get a chunk of content starting from a specfic position. "parse" $single = $single->parse("Content-Length: 12 Hello World!"); my $multi = $single->parse("Content-Type: multipart/form-data "); Parse content chunk and upgrade to Mojo::Content::MultiPart object if possible. SEE ALSO
Mojolicious, Mojolicious::Guides, <>. perl v5.14.2 2012-09-05 Mojo::Content::Single(3pm)

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