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Old 01-29-2002
Error aix cron job

I have problem with AIX v4.3.3 to run the cron job:

Please advise me on the above :

1 -) I need to run a backup for full system at 23:59, :

crontab -e
59 23 * * * /usr/bin/mksysb -i /dev/rmt0 > /dev/null 2>&1

2 -) I need to run a spesific command at 23:59:

crontab -e
59 23 * * * /usr/lpp/fw logswitch

but failed, anything I have done wrong.

Please HELP ME!!!
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Old 01-29-2002
Do you get any specific error messages?

For instance, I run a backup job like...

35 3 * * * / > /tmp/aixback.log 2>&1;
egrep -v "a " /tmp/aixback.log | mail

This will send me an email with the results
I'm interested in from the log. Note I run
a shell script to encapsulate the backup
command since I want to do several other things
as well (gives me better control).
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Old 01-29-2002
Thank you for your reply.

No I dont get any error message for the backup.

Is it possible you can share your, so that I can see what I have done wrong.

I also try to run a command as :

59 23 * * * /usr/lpp/CPfw1-41/log/

But error : Execute permission denied.

One more thing, how do you configure the sendmail so that it can mail to my mailhost.
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Old 01-30-2002
Question AIX cronjob


Anybody , please help me on how to use crontab for AIX.

I've done some, but fail.

I put in this :
crontab -l
59 23 * * * backup -o -f /dev/rmt0
>>> this error come out : backup :0511-225 cannot open /dev/rmt0. The input or output media is write-protected. backup:The backup command has ended abnormally.

The 2nd :
crontab -l
59 23 * * * /usr/lpp/CPfw1-41/log/
>>>this error come out: Execute permission denied.

Is there any possibility that I can e-mail all the result for the cron job I have put in to the administrator so that I will know the result of the activity.One more thing, how to configure my sendmail so it can mail to the mail server.

Please HELP ME!!!!!!!!!
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Old 01-30-2002
I'd be happy to email you a copy however
your profile says you have elected not to
receive emails directly. It's a bit too long
to post. Note, that I am not doing a mksysb, I'm
just doing a backup of a file system to tape
using the "backup" command and "tctl" to
manipulate the tape device (plus a few other
things). You can send me mail directly via my
profile and I can send you the script via reply
directly to you.

Regarding your "execute permission" error,

chmod 755 /usr/lpp/CPfw1-41/log/

...I'm assuming you own this file. I'm also
assuming the error is not being generated
from inside the script. It may be that the
script is trying to execute a command for which
you do not have permission but from the error
you mention, I'm assuming it's just the script itself that is not executable.

On "sendmail", there was nothing to configure.
We have an internal DNS that specifies our
mail server (via MX record entry) so when
I "mail", the mail is routed
correctly. Can you send mail from the command
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Old 02-01-2002
In the first case it looks like your backuptape is write-protected.

Second case check your authorisation for /usr/lpp/CPfw1-41/log/
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Old 02-01-2002
You already asked this question, and someone was attempting to help you.
Please don't scatter the same question around the forum:
::merged threads::

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