AIX and cron logs filtering ?: /etc/cronlog.conf, /var/adm/cron/log

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Operating Systems AIX AIX and cron logs filtering ?: /etc/cronlog.conf, /var/adm/cron/log
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Old 01-09-2008
Question AIX and cron logs filtering ?: /etc/cronlog.conf, /var/adm/cron/log

I can use 'crontabs –e' and do all the scheduling I like. However I would like to auto send myself just the cronjobs logs that fail. That is to say the PIDs that fail and the related lines with those PID’s only. (Not the full set of logs) Has anyone done this work? Or does an AIX 5.3 tool exists that will do this for me? If not I was thinking this could be a nice tool to use 'awk,' but I am not the best at 'awk.' I'm just a hack.

My current filter* only sends me logs when I have errors but it gives me the full set of data at that time, and I have to search for Fail. I copy my file to a tmp and clean up when done. Then I have my rotation set just rigt so I do not spam myself with dup data. PS I have read man for the cron/crontab commands + others and have not seen anything like this yet.
tia Keith

cp -p $cronfile $tmp
if [[ $(cat $tmp | grep Fail | wc -l) > "1" ]] then
subject=$(print "Daily cron log $(date)" | tr ' ' '-')
uuencode $tmp $tmp | mail -s $subject $USER < $tmp
#end filter
sleep 5;[[ -e $tmp ]] && rm $tmp

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