how i can change dns entrys

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Old 01-28-2002
Question how i can change dns entrys

Hi there,

ic will change the dns entery on my unix box (hp-ux) but i donīt have a idea how i can change this.

pls help me.

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Old 01-28-2002
What OS are you running?

What version of BIND?

Are you running the name server or are you looking at a system that is just a client?
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Old 01-29-2002
about the os


thanks for your reply

my os is a HP UX 10.20

it is a normal client in the network (fix IP Adress)


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Old 01-29-2002
Okay, so what exactly do you need to do?

If the HP system is only a client, then you don't change any DNS entries on it. The only thing you can change is the nameservers that you point to or the default domain or search list.

Example of /etc/resolv.conf from man page on HP (man resolv.conf OR man resolver):

A typical resolv.conf file resembles the following:

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Old 01-30-2002
Computer THANKS!!!!!!

Thanks for your help!!!
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