How to change raid controller driver ? (hardware change)

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Operating Systems SCO How to change raid controller driver ? (hardware change)
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Old 11-15-2013
How to change raid controller driver ? (hardware change)

I'm trying to virtualize an instance of Sco Unix 5.0.5 in VirtualBox (called VM-A) , but sco I have problems set to launch with the new raid controller .
The physical machine has a raid controller adaptec (alad driver) but VirtualBox uses buslogic (blc driver)
What I'm doing is starting a Sco Unix 5.0.5 guest (called VM-B ) installed from the beginning (to use blc driver), then the second record mount as physical pc (generated with dd) .
For reference call diskB: VM-B guest disk and diskA : used by VM-A (generated with the dd command from the physical computer ).
The steps performed are:

mount /dev/rootmay /mnt/rootmay # mount diskA
mount /dev/bootmay /mnt/rootmay/stand # mount of diskA boot
chroot /mnt/rootmay /bin/sh # chroot on diskA
mkdir fd0
mount / dev/fd0 / fd0
/etc/btldinstall /fd0 # I install driver blc

edit /etc/conf/cf.d/mscsi of the form:
blc Srom 0 1 0 0
blc Sdsk 0 0 0 0

These steps have made ​​reading and collecting things in different forums , I'm not sure if they are all necessary steps are correct or if all (I have been layered to find documentation )
Like something strange , the file /etc/default/scsihas in diskA no line ' blc " BusLogic Multi Master Adapters" ' but diskB if so, what makes me assume that I'm doing things right ,
Then when I start the VM-B (primcipal diskA y secondary diskB) seems to start the kernel VM-A because I changed the name of the hostname , but will not let me login (as it starts inconsistent and buggy)

when I start the VM- A, still fails stating the eror :

WARNING : no root disk controller hd
H iinit
Panic: srmountfun - Error 19 mounting rootdev ( 1/42 )
Error 19 opening dumpdev ( 1/41 )
Dump not completed

What am I doing wrong? you can change the driver blc alad by the way I'm doing ?

Thanks for getting up here ..
(apologies for using )
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Old 11-16-2013
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Old 11-18-2013
Originally Posted by jgt
This should help
http ://
Hello jgt's, the truth is that there was no looking on TA, after writing the post found
http : // (which is almost the same procedure) and it worked.
Recent edit / etc / conf / sdevice.d / alad to disable the driver

Thank you.
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Old 11-18-2013
As a note of explanation, this procedure applies only to host bus adapters, not RAID controllers such as the Mylex DAC960.
Also when the host bus adapter is changed, the new adapter may not see the drive with the same geometry, so it may be necessary to use the 'biosgeom' boot string, and then run 'dparam' to make the change permanently.
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