Where can I download Solaris 8 or any new Unix Software???

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Old 01-27-2002
Where can I download Solaris 8 or any new Unix Software???

help me with this people. I need to know
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Old 01-27-2002
Hammer & Screwdriver

You can download Mandrake-Linux at www.mandrake-linux.com . You can download FreeBSD at www.freebsd.com . You can download Linux at www.redhat.com/downloads/mirrors.
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Old 01-27-2002
I found this:

You could also try Linux from one of several vendors:

Redhat http://www.redhat.com
Suse http://www.suse.com
Mandrake http://www.mandrake.com
Debian http://www.debian.org
Slackware http://www.slackware.org

Or try one of the BSD's:
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Old 01-27-2002
You can download many different distributions from www.linuxiso.org including FreeBSD and NetBSD.
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Old 01-28-2002

Well, you can't download Solaris 8 for an Intel system anymore, but if you have a Sun system based on a SPARC processor you can(I seriously doubt anyone on this whole forum personally owns a Sun machine).You can order a Solaris 8 Intel media pack via Sun.com but I don't think it will be worth your while seeing as Sun is no longer making Solaris for Intel systems. So i recomend using some other Unix based OS.

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Old 01-28-2002
I don't wanna sound like an idiot, but i am probably gonna : What is the diffrence between a SPARC processor and an intel one? And does that mean that you could run solaris on an AMD processor? Just wondering. Prolly sounds stupid but hey you all had help once Smilie
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Old 01-28-2002
prodz & others (including myself),

put them this way. every branded unix system is likely to be dependant on the hardware supplied together with the os. for example ibm aix runs best only on ibm rs6000, sun solaris on sun sparc-based, and hp-ux on hp9000 machines.

this is one of the motivation for linux father "tuan guru" linus tolvard to create a unix system which runs on intel-based machines - the ibm-compatible personal computers.

correct me if this remark misleads. Smilie
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