cp multiple files to fd0

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Old 11-15-2001
cp multiple files to fd0

Hello all.

I want to copy multiple files to a floppy. My distr. version is Mandrake 8.0.

If i use [ cp file /dev/fd0 ] , all is ok and the file is copied to disk

If i use
[ cp file1 file2 /dev/fd0 ] , I receive an error stating that /dev/fd0 is not a directory. I understand that /dev/fd0 is not a directory.

Is there a way to copy multiple files to the floppy ?

If yes, how would you copy all files in a particular directory to a floppy ?

And if the floppy already contains a file, how can you add another file to the floppy without overwriting the existing files already on it?
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Old 11-15-2001

You must first mount the floppy in order to copy files to it.
I don't know if Mandrake has any easy way to automatically mount a floppy on demand with a click of a button or something like that. (I never used it before)

Generally I've always just done everything using UNIX commands from a command prompt.

Check out the mount(1) man pages for information.

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Old 11-15-2001
It is mounted. I can copy a single file to the floppy, but can not copy multlple files to it.
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Old 11-15-2001
Where did you mount it to? /dev/fd0 is the device file... not a mount point.

a common example of a mount point would be like /mnt/floppy or something like that.
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Old 11-15-2001
I mount the floppy with command:

mount /mnt/floppy

To see whats on the floppy i use:

cat /dev/fd0
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Old 11-15-2001
If you mounted the floppy to /mnt/floppy, then cd to /mnt/floppy to see and manage files on the disk. You can copy, edit, rename, remove files from that directory to access the floppy.
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Old 11-15-2001
Thanks, moving into the /mnt directory and working from there helped alot.

One strange thing though, the Linux book that i am reading specifically says to use
[cp file /dev/fd0 ] to copy a file to a floppy. Actually you need to use [cp file /mnt/floppy] and since
/mnt/floppy is a directory and /dev/fd0 is not; saving multiple files using just one command was allowed.

BTW, Mandrake graphical interface automatically mounts the floppy when you put it in. They call it 'supermount'
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