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Old 10-23-2001
I'm pretty sure I know what he's talking about, but there is a language barrier preventing 100% assurance that everyone understands each other. He is looking for an Optical system. You can scan in a document (like a contact or deed), and instead of transporting the original or copies of it to everyone who needs it, you can keep a flexible working copy that can be indexed, searched for , and viewed within seconds.

There are ready-made commercial solutions for that, you've just got to find them... I've never heard of an open source or free software version of any of those...
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cpio(4) 						     Kernel Interfaces Manual							   cpio(4)

cpio - format of cpio archive DESCRIPTION
The header structure, when the option of is not used (see cpio(1)), is: When the option is used, the header information is described by: Longtime and Longfile are equivalent to and respectively. The contents of each file are recorded together with other items describing the file. Every instance of contains the constant 070707 (octal). The items through have meanings explained in stat(2). The length of the null-terminated path name including the null byte, is given by The last record of the archive always contains the name Directories and the trailer are recorded with equal to zero. It will not always be the case that and correspond to the results of but the values are always sufficient to tell whether two files in the archive are linked to each other. When a device special file is archived by HP-UX (using the option), contains a magic constant which is dependent upon the implementation doing the writing. flags the device file as an HP-UX 32-bit device specifier, and contains the 32-bit device specifier (see stat(2)). If the option is not present, special files are not archived or restored. Non-HPUX device special files are never restored. SEE ALSO
cpio(1), find(1), stat(2). STANDARDS CONFORMANCE

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