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Old 01-17-2001

Hi there!

People, i'm a new unix user, and i'm having some problems...
I'm updating some scripts (korn shell) in different servers. I use telnet to access these servers and emacs to write the scripts. One of them is an HP, and thereīs no problem. But the other one is an AIX, and when i call <emacs> i get the answer:

ksh: emacs: not found

i guess itīs something with the path..... what do i have to do to find the directory that contains emacs and add it to the path???

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Old 01-17-2001
try: whereis emacs

If that doesnt work, and you are desperate, try:
cd /usr ; find . -name emacs

To search for it in the /usr filesystem

If you still can't find it, you should learn vi. (You should do this anyway Smilie)
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