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Old 10-10-2001
CPU & Memory back up problem

Hi all

I am facing some problem taking INCREMENTAL Back up of file systems...........Actually i have mounted the file system of one server in another i don't have tape drive in both servers...............i am using HPUX(L class and C class)servers..

can any one help me this is my script.....

cd /
banner backuptime
echo "
i) Incremental Backup(Daily)
c) Complete Backup(Weekly)

Enter Choice:-\c"

read choice
case $choice in
i)echo "Incremental Backup"
echo "Enter Exa No:-\c"
read exa
echo "Enter directories :- \c"
read filesystems
nohup find $filesystems/* -mtime -3 -depth -print|tee /home/ops/logincr/EXA$exa.
`date +%d%m%Y`|cpio -ocvB> /dev/rmt/0m &;;
c)echo "Complete Backup"
read exa
echo "ENTER directories :-\c"
read filesystems
nohup find $filesystems/* -depth -print |tee /home/ops/logcomp/EXA$exa.
`date +%d%m%Y`|cpio -ocvB> /dev/rmt/0m &;;

waiting for any alternative idea............
try n learn
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Old 10-10-2001
I don't really like cpio as a backup tool. Since you are using HP-UX, you have an alternative. HP includes fbackup and frecover as standard included software on HP-UX. Take a look at these. They are a big step up from cpio. They can handle incremental backups much more automatically.
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