How can I read files from the floppy in RedHat7.1

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Old 10-11-2001
If your using linux, try moving the files with the mtools such as mcopy. This should insure that the files are there. At that point you should try an ll or ls -l to read the attributes of the file. Set the permissions as LivingFree suggested and open the files to insure that the newline charachters are not in the file. Double check the path as in: #!/bin/sh ... some unix use #!/usr/bin/sh.

You may need to rewrite the files themselves. If they are small files I would probably do this once I checked the other things. Living Free has the best idea of all: paste the script here so we can look at it. It may be something very simple that your just not seeing after looking at this for so long.

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Old 10-11-2001
if [ "$#" -lt 7 ]
    echo  "ERROR : usage ./create_users username uid gid password gecos home..."
 if grep $1 /etc/passwd >/dev/null
   echo "$1 exists please enter another username"
   echo $1:$4:$2:$3:$5:$6:$7 >>/etc/passwd
   echo $2 | passwd --stdin $1 > /dev/null
   mkdir /home/$1
   chown $1 /home/$1
   chgrp $3 /home/$1
   chmod 777 /home/$1
   cp /etc/skel/.* /home/$1 2>/dev/null
   echo " you are welcome to the systems"

Now please tell me what is wrong with this script


added code tags for readability --oombera

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Old 10-12-2001
I still don't see why that would at least begin to run...

Here's an odd idea - is the mcopy idea above doesn't work, try:
lsattr create_users, and paste the output here... also, could you paste the output of ls -l create_users here as well? There has got to be an explanation for this...
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