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Old 10-10-2001
Make sure that the shell entry in the /etc/passwd file exists. Then check the .profile, .login, .bashrc and/or .cshrc files in the users home directory for something odd (like an exit statement). If that all checks out, vi the /etc/shadow file and remove the password encryption (the second field between :'s). Then try to login in with a blank password. What error do you get when you try to su to the user from root. As root, try these and let us know what the results/output is:
su user

(be sure to replace user with your user
su - user

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Old 10-10-2001
Originally posted by ChrisFoxx

Flavor = TurboLinux 6.0 Server Lite (comes up in env as "Linux-Gnu")

Created the accounts by "useradd", then passwd <uid>.

They used to work!

Oh, and I forgot: When I try to log those accounts in, it gets a message that says the system is going down last September 30th.

I don't have access to a Linux system so I can't check anything. But that last paragraph gives me an idea.

On some systems (but not all), the shutdown command creates a file, often called /etc/nologin. The login program checks for the existence of this file and refuses no-root logins if it exists. This is so users cannot login just as the system is going down. If the file exists, it is displayed as the error message. Even if the login program itself doesn't do this, it can also be implemened in global shell scripts like /etc/profile.

I'll bet that /etc/nologin (or its linux equivalent) exists. If so, remove the file. But that file should have been removed somewhere in the start-up script at reboot time. So there is probably a problem there which will need to be investigated. Can anyone see if linux uses /etc/nologin?
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Old 10-10-2001
It looks like you may have a good possibility, Perderabo Smilie

The man page for shutdown has the following paragraph...

If shutdown is called with a delay, it creates the advi-
sory file /etc/nologin which causes programs such as
login(1) to not allow new user logins. Shutdown only
removes this file if it is stopped before it can signal
init (i.e. it is cancelled or something goes wrong). Oth-
erwise it is the responsibility of the system shutdown or
startup scripts to remove this file so that users can

...as you say, the startup scripts should remove it but maybe
somthing was modified somewhere.

Way to keep those brain cells working! Smilie
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Old 10-11-2001
Lightbulb UID Problem

Hi Chris,

One thing you might want to check out is the /etc/passwd. I once had the problem where I had a space at the end of the field. Because of this all users after that field were unable to login.

Try to vi /etc/passwd, bring your cursor to the end of the field, the cursor should be on the last character of each field. In the event you had inadvertantly added a space you'll be able to delete it . wq to save it, then do a . .profile to update.

Hope this helps, Good Luck
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