Spooling data from the database in .csv file with boundary

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Old 04-02-2014
Spooling data from the database in .csv file with boundary

Hi Guys,

Another questions to the genius over here. I have spool the dataf from the database into a .csv file. But can it be possible to have all the rows and column with the boundaries..for example the .csv file which i have is as below:

20140327 BU 9A 3 
20140327 SPACE 9A 3 
20140327 BU 9F 33 
20140327 SPACE 9F 33 
20140327 BU 9L 17 
20140327 SPACE 9L 18

The allignment is not good in the above and that's why i am thinking to put these values into the boundaries. Can it be possible guys...

Thanks in Advance

Last edited by Pramod_009; 04-02-2014 at 01:17 PM.. Reason: The output was not coming as per the requirement.
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Old 04-02-2014
Without seeing the output you want, it's difficult to tell, but you could try changing spaces into tabs:

# Quick example
$ tr ' ' '\t' <<EOF
> 20140327 BU 9A 3
> 20140327 SPACE 9A 3
> 20140327 BU 9F 33
> 20140327 SPACE 9F 33
> 20140327 BU 9L 17
> 20140327 SPACE 9L 18
20140327        BU      9A      3
20140327        SPACE   9A      3
20140327        BU      9F      33
20140327        SPACE   9F      33
20140327        BU      9L      17
20140327        SPACE   9L      18

# How you'd probably use it
$ tr ' ' '\t' < inputfile > outputfile

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Old 04-02-2014

I would be probably putting the boundaries exactly similar to the microsoft excel as i need to send the content of the file instead the file.

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Old 04-02-2014
A CSV file is supposed to be a Comma Separated Values file.

So I would suggest to set colsep to comma before spooling:
set colsep ,

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Old 04-02-2014
How does one send the "content of" a file without sending a file?

Please show the output you want, we're not having any luck just guessing.
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Old 04-02-2014
Hi Yoda,

I have already tried with the colsep, but the thing is, since the data is small, so i just wanted to be pooled out from the database and send these data in a tabular format in the message body.

Please suggest me if anything can be done on this.

Thanks in Advance...
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Old 04-02-2014
I repeat:
Originally Posted by Corona688
Please show the output you want, we're not having any luck just guessing.
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