Reading data from DataBase and Writing to a file

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Old 11-09-2009
Reading data from DataBase and Writing to a file

Hi All,

Please help me in writing data to a file in one row.

In database there is a column which contains large data which does not fit in the file in one row. The column contains list of paths. I want to write these paths to a file in one row.

Please find the code below writes :

sqlplus -s $DBCredentials  1> $myJobTaskAttribListFile   <<-EndOFSQL
  i_job_id      NUMBER := $myJobId ;
  o_run_status_id    NUMBER := 0 ;
  i_end_time          VARCHAR2(1000) ;
  i_total_errors      NUMBER := 0 ;
  i_total_warnings    VARCHAR2(1000) ;
  i_total_inserted    NUMBER := 0 ;
  i_total_updated     NUMBER := 0 ;
  i_total_rejected    NUMBER := 0 ;
  i_log_file          VARCHAR2(1000) ;
  i_job_run_message   VARCHAR2(512) ;
  i_modlast_by        VARCHAR2(1000) ;
  o_sqlcode          NUMBER := 0 ;
  o_sqlmsg       VARCHAR2(1000) ;

I am getting Output as fallows..


I want to write all the paths (at max 20) in one row as fallows.


Please help me in this regards

I set the LINESIZE of 3400 as above under sql but it not working


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Old 11-09-2009
after you got the output , pipe line this to

cat file_name | tr '\n' ' '

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Old 11-09-2009
Alternatively, you could tweak your SQL query to print all those values as a delimited string.

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