Looking for command line to find dirs based on size and date

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Old 03-10-2014
Looking for command line to find dirs based on size and date


My first time on this site, please excuse me if I've come to the wrong forum. I'm fairly new to Unix/Linux and hoping you can help me out.

I'm looking for a command line that will return a list of directories that are larger than 50M and older than 2 days.

I thought it may be something a simple as:
find /wlwork/epc_domain/stage/  -name 'job*' -type d -mtime +2 -size +50M

But that doesn't seem to work.

I had created 2 directories that are larger than 50M so it should have returned something.

I tried
du -sm /wlwork/epc_domain/stage/job* | awk '$1 > 50'

it returns directories that are larger than 50MB but I need to be able to delete the directories that are older than 2 days from this result.

Any suggestions?


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Old 03-10-2014
Perhaps because the names of those 2 dirs dont start with "job"...
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Old 03-10-2014
I wish it were that easy.

There are several directories that begin with job in that path
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Old 03-10-2014
One way of doing this is using stat command:
du -sm /wlwork/epc_domain/stage/job* | while read size dir
        d_epoch=$( stat --printf=%Y "$dir" )
        c_epoch=$( date +%s )

        (( diff = ( c_epoch - d_epoch ) / 86400 ))

        if [ $diff -gt 2 ] && [ $size -gt 50 ]
                echo "Deleting dir: $dir"
                # Delete here

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Old 03-10-2014
If you created those 2 dirs. just now then it wont return anything due to the "-mtime +2" criterion...
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Old 03-10-2014
A directory is a file that contains several entries where each entry is an inode number and a name. Is is possible that a directory will get to be 50 MB but that would be a lot of entries. You probably mean the sum of the sizes of all the files and subdirectories in a directory. That is a different concept and has little to do with the size of the directory itself.
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Old 03-11-2014
Thanks for the replies.

Yes I meant the sum of all files and sub-directories in the directory.

We have instances where some of the directories (total sum) are very large due to logging etc. So to keep it clean, I was tasked with setting up a cron to clean up directories based on condition.

I'll keep plugging away Smilie
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