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Old 11-18-2013
AIX - bc and ksh

from command line in AIX:

and ctrl D to exit.

i want to write shell script:

cd /tmp
$startdate + $enddate

my goal is to tell me end date is 14 days from today.

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Old 11-18-2013
The hash-bang should be #!/bin/ksh, not !#/bin/ksh

To feed text into a command, you have to tell the shell to do so, not just put it there:

bc <<EOF
$startdate + $enddate

This is known as a 'here-document'. Note the ending EOF must not be indented, or the shell will not detect it as ending the block.

ksh can actually do its own arithmetic too:

echo $(($startdate + $enddate))

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Old 11-18-2013
appreciate your quick reply. worked perfectly. again, thanks.
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