Aix .ksh for loop script.

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Old 09-27-2011
Aix .ksh for loop script.


I'm trying to write a for loop to run through a list of servers and for each server copy a file to a backup file. But I can't seem to get it to run through my server list. It work for individual servers, please see below.

webservers="server1 server2"
for ws in ${webservers}
ssh ${SSH_USERID}@${webservers} "cp -p ${target_dir}${target_file} ${target_dir}${target_file}.pre.${release}"

When i run the script i get the below error
ksh: server2: not found.
ksh: server2: not found.

Any help would be much appreicated. or a point in the right direction.


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Old 09-27-2011
ssh ${SSH_USERID}@${webservers} "cp -p ${target_dir}${target_file} ${target_dir}${target_file}.pre.${release}"

with this:
ssh ${SSH_USERID}@${ws} "cp -p ${target_dir}${target_file} ${target_dir}${target_file}.pre.${release}"

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Old 09-27-2011
Many thanks, thats done the business!
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