How to stop debug in the mid of process?

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Old 11-07-2013

An excellent hint to step through scripts. I shall deploy it in scripts something like this:-
# Comments....

if [ ! -z "$DEBUGSTEP" ]
   set -x
   trap "read" DEBUG
echo 1
echo 2
echo 3

In normal use, DEBUGSTEP will be null and therefore no action is taken, but when required I can step through a script and debug without updating the production script or any calling script.


Thanks again,
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SMFREC(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 SMFREC(1)

smfrec -- record a standard MIDI file SYNOPSIS
smfrec [-amxy] [-g measure] [-d devname] [-i devname] midifile DESCRIPTION
The smfrec utility records a MIDI file. It can add recorded events on top of an existing midi file. To stop performance, send an interrupt signal to smfrec (for instance by pressing control ^C on the terminal). The options are as follows: -a Append mode. Play the given midi file and append to it a new track containing recorded events. -m Use metronome. -x Synchronise to the default midi(4) device instead of using an internal clock source. -y Send midi timing information to the default device. Useful if it is a slave MIDI sequencer. -g measure Start playback and recording at the given measure number. -d filename Default midi(4) device from which to record and on which to send midi events. If not specified, the content of the MIDIDEV environment variable will be used instead. -i filename Alternate input midi(4) device. Voice events (notes, controllers, etc) received on the input device will be recorded and sent as-is to the default device. Without this flag, the default device will be used for input. The smfrec utility is an interface to midish(1). If more specific features are needed, the user may consider using midish(1). EXAMPLES
The following will play mysong.mid and append to it recorded events from device /dev/rmidi4; metronome will be used. $ smfrec -a -m -d /dev/rmidi4 mysong.mid SEE ALSO
smfplay(1), midish(1), midi(4) BSD
August 27, 2005 BSD