Copy non-empty files into subdirectory

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Old 10-09-2013
Copy non-empty files into subdirectory

How to Copy non-empty files into subdirectory

I have directory A

there are bunch of files: a.txt b.txt

How can i find out the non-empty file within * and copy them into a subdirectory B?

Thank you.
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Old 10-09-2013
find . -name '*' ! -empty -type f -exec cp -vv {} otherdir/ \;

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Old 10-09-2013

One more way as follows, may help you too.

File_names=`ls -ltr | grep '^-' | grep '.txt' | awk '{print$9}'`
set -A array_Files_names ${File_names}
for i in ${array_Files_names[@]}
if [[ -s $i ]]
val=`ls -ltr | grep $i | awk '{print$9}'`
echo $val

## copying the file to your wished directory as follows
cp $val /home/King/bin/chumma/awk_programming/$val

R. Singh
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