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Old 09-28-2001
Network ./configure error

Hey, i'm trying to use httptunnel and it won't let me configure it. here's what the cmnd line gives me:

[macaddictg4:/httptunnel-3.0.5] pbg4% ./configure
creating cache ./config.cache
checking for a BSD compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c
checking whether build environment is sane... yes
checking whether make sets ${MAKE}... no
checking for working aclocal... missing
checking for working autoconf... missing
checking for working automake... missing
checking for working autoheader... missing
checking for working makeinfo... missing
checking for mawk... no
checking for gawk... no
checking for nawk... no
checking for awk... awk
checking for gcc... no
checking for cc... no
configure: error: no acceptable cc found in $PATH

know how to make this work? i'm new at unix.

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Old 09-28-2001
*cc is your compiler. It turns all that text stuff into a usable (hopefully) binary. It's possible that you have the whereis utility installed on your machine. If so, type:
whereis cc at the prompt. Can you post the results of that back here? Also, while you're at it, what Unix are you using (uname -spmr. If that doesn't work, just use uname -a)? And could you type:
echo $PATH, and post the results along with it?

Hopefully, the shell just doesn't know where to find cc, and you won't have to install it...
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Old 09-28-2001
the whereis cc command didn't work. here is the result of what unix i'm running.
[macaddictg4:~] pbg4% uname -spmr
Darwin 1.3.7 Power Macintosh powerpc
[macaddictg4:~] pbg4% uname -a
Darwin macaddictg4 1.3.7 Darwin Kernel Version 1.3.7: Sat Jun 9 11:12:48 PDT 2001; root:xnu/xnu-124.13.obj~1/RELEASE_PPC Power Macintosh powerpc

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Old 09-28-2001
Suggestion: Go to www.gnu.org and install the gcc compiler and associated glibs (next release):


Read this FAQ:

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Old 09-28-2001
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