How to cut only letters?

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Old 09-09-2013
How to cut only letters?

I was wondering how I could cut only the names of items from the following list:


I used "man cut" and thought -c would help, but the items have different character lengths. Please note that there is no space between the item and number (so I can't use -f/-d). I'm hoping to using only the cut command. Thank you everyone for your help.
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Old 09-09-2013
This removes ALL letters
tr -d '[:alpha:]' < infile > newfile

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Old 09-09-2013
Let's say you have the word list in file x.x, then...
cat x.x | tr -d  '/a-z,A-Z/'

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Old 09-09-2013
Originally Posted by blackrageous
Let's say you have the word list in file x.x, then...
cat x.x | tr -d  '/a-z,A-Z/'

Unless your intention is to delete letters, commas, and forward slashes, your tr command is flawed. It almost looks like its argument is intended to be a regular expression.

Unrelatedly, there's no need to use cat. Shell redirection will do the job just fine.

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Old 09-09-2013
Plus, is "cut only letters" the real intention? Isn't it only number that are wanted?

$ cat x
 echo aBc123De | tr -d '[:alpha:]' 

$ cat <(cat x) | tr -d '[:alpha:]'
  123 |  - '[::]' 

# cat <(cat <(cat x)) | tr -d '[a-zA-Z]'
  123 |  - '::'

$ grep -o "[0-9]\+" x

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Old 09-09-2013
Only tr -d '[a-z][A-Z]' and tr -d '[:alpha:]' seem correct.
Indeed tr -d '[a-zA-Z]' either deletes [ and ] or gives an error (Solaris /usr/xpg4/bin/tr).
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Old 09-09-2013
Now that I think about it, I wasn't really clear with my question. I was hoping to cut the items into a new file. Something like cut "just letters"> newfile

It seems like the answers will all remove the letters (or in ths case, spoons, cups,etc.)and will leave just the numbers. However, I want the opposite.

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Actually the full line is something like this:


I want to cut the first part (spoons, cups, forks, plates) and create a new file containing a list of those items only. I don't want to remove all the letters (just the names at the end) and since there is no space, I can't use -f -d
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