[Solved] How remove leading whitespace from xml (sed /awk?)

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Old 08-29-2013
Originally Posted by aniquebmx
I just tried also

sed 's/^[ \t]*//'  file.xml

Close, but not quite: "sed" understands tabs just fine, enter them literally ("<b>" means literal blank, "<t>" means literal tab in the following):

sed 's/^[<b><t>]*//' /path/to/file

If you have other whitespace too in your file (you can check with od -ax /path/to/file | more) include these in the square brackets.

I hope this helps.

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Old 08-29-2013
Assuming you don't have text separated by spaces or tabs in a single line
awk '{print $1}' file.xml

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Old 08-29-2013
thanks to all for you answers it seems awk is simplest method in my case

or nawk actually as im on ksh

nawk '{$1=$1}1' path to file.xml

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Old 08-29-2013
I am glad that you found the solution to your question. Please mark this thread as solved for the future reference of other users.
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