Unix performance monitoring via Windows/NT

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Old 09-26-2001
Unix performance monitoring via Windows/NT

We are trying to Monitor Unix via Window95/98 on an NT network. Is there anyone that could point us in the direction on software that runs in Windows on a Telnet connection that we could use to accomplish this? We have tried a program called Unix Watcher by Etasoft and can' get it to connect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.:confused
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Old 09-26-2001
Unix Watch requires telnet access to the remote UNIX
machine. First, can you verify that you can "telnet" and
successfully log into that mahcine? What kind of UNIX are
you running?

Also, verify your settings...

telnet port: 23
refresh every: 10 seconds (or manually)
keep connection open: checked
Unix flavour: BSD or SysV
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Old 09-26-2001
I have done all of this. Version is Sys V I don't know which actual version. The setting you quoted are exact. I have logged on telnet manually and was able to make a connection and log in.
But when I start the Unix watcher, it just sits there with a blank screen.
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Old 09-26-2001
When you telnet in, you can run..
uname -a

...and you will get information about what UNIX you are running.

Now... back to UNIX Watch...

I must tell you the I have never actually used this product
but it seems pretty stright forward. If we assume for a
moment that it has successfully connected to the UNIX system,
the next step would be to set up filters for what it is you wish
to monitor. I don't know if you get anything "out of the box".

You can verify (using the "who" command or the "ps" command)
that UNIX Watch is infact connected. It should look like a
user session for the user that you logged in as. When
verifying this, don't confuse the UNIX Watch connection with
your terminal program (telnet) connection. It would be best
to have UNIX Watch login as a specific user that no one else
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Old 09-26-2001
Thank you for your input. I will attempt this tommorow and check back here and let you know how it went.
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Old 09-26-2001
There is UNIX monitoring software called Big Brother which allows you to monitor it from any computer with a web browser. Someone with root priviledges will have to install it on the UNIX box. http://www.bb4.com/
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Old 09-27-2001
I will take a look at the site and software for "Big Brother" to see if this fits our needs. I will report back as to my findings. Thank you 98_1LE.
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