what is means by tar xvr -

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Old 09-24-2001
what is means by tar xvr -

In the tar statement

cat abc | tar xvr -

what is the real meaning for x v and f ?

thx in adv.
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Old 09-24-2001
to find out what the switches for a certain command mean, try typing "man [name of command]"

this should give the results you are looking for.

if this fails try "info [name of command]"

this should help, but for the meantime:

for the command tar:

x - means to eXtract files from the tar

f - means to get source from named File

v - makes command Verbose, or announce all actions

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Old 09-24-2001
The "-" after the "f" means the tar will
take input from the standard input (stdin).
The man page should give you detailed
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