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Old 09-12-2001
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I have a user who have accidentally changed her user home directory to a different one, now she cannot access certain files. I am a windows admin and know not much about unix. My unix admin is on holiday and I have to look after his users. I need to change back the users directory from e.g k to b, how do I do this.

Another user cannot read certain files from a cd drive and also has a cd locked in and cannot eject the disc and.

You can see my dilema. I need answers immediately


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Old 09-12-2001
If you mean renamed the entire directory, then all you have to do is:
mv old-dir new-dir
You may also need to change ownership if that got changed somehow in the process:
chown user:group new-dir

For more help with those commands, type:
man mv and
man chown. (Press the spacebar to move down a page, the "b" key to move up, and "q" to quit man)

The CD may not be able to be unmounted while a user is accessing it - even if they're just in the same directory as where the CD is mounted it can keep it from unmounting. You will get an error similar to this from the umount command:
/path/to/cdrom : device is busy

In that case, you may need to go as far as kicking all of the users off to make sure none of them are "in your way".

Good luck!
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Old 09-12-2001
re help

It is a bit more complicated, the Unix users use metaframe to log into windows 2000 server to use access etc, now the user changed the directory while logged into the win2k server, she can still see and lof into her home directory in unix, but when whe logs into win2k, the connection is active but the screen is blank, it might be something to do with screen resolution? I don't know.

But anyway she is using another computer (windows to do her windows work for the moment). solutions still welcome
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Old 09-12-2001
I don't have much practical knowledge of MetaFrame - but it sounds like it may be a MF config issue... I don't know which end it would be on...

Anyone have any experience with MetaFrame clients on Unix systems?
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