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Expansion within cp

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Old Unix and Linux 12-27-2012   -   Original Discussion by jawsnnn
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Expansion within cp

I have a bunch of files which I need to transfer to another location... and some of these I need to skip.

For e.g. let us say the files are:


and I only want to move the first two.

I want to do something like:

cp cust_[/abc|xyz/].dat <target>

which doesn't work due to bad syntax. Is there some way of doing this without involving grep and xargs? I would like to do it with a single command if possible...
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Old Unix and Linux 12-27-2012   -   Original Discussion by jawsnnn
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Based on your pattern attempt, I assume bash if you are excluding one filename

# set extglob on -- shopt will show it's status
shopt -s extglob
cp !(def_cust).dat /somewhere

The not (!) operator means do not match. You can have multiple pipe-delimited patterns
See the section on Pattern Matching here:
Bash Reference Manual

You may want to go with another pattern/way.
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