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Old 10-11-2013
Expansion does not work

I'm trying to figure out whether some files exist. Locations of those file are stored in a plain text file called temp.txt in this way:
All environment variables ($LIB_HOME and $ORACLE_HOME) have been set using export command.
Then I do:
while read line; do [[ -f $line ]] && echo "OK ==> $line" || echo "KO ==> $line"; done < temp.txt

Output is:
KO ==> $LIB_HOME/opensource/project/mpxj.jar
KO ==> $LIB_HOME/opensource/project/jaxb-api.jar
KO ==> $LIB_HOME/opensource/project/jaxb-impl.jar
KO ==> $LIB_HOME/opensource/project/jsr173_1.0_api.jar
KO ==> $LIB_HOME/infraestructura/stdinc/STDIncidencias.jar
KO ==> $LIB_HOME/opensource/log4j/log4j-1.2.8.jar
KO ==> $LIB_HOME/infraestructura/reu/reu.jar
KO ==> $LIB_HOME/opensource/commons/commons_beanutils.jar
KO ==> $LIB_HOME/opensource/commons/commons_codec.jar
KO ==> $LIB_HOME/opensource/commons/commons_collections.jar
KO ==> $LIB_HOME/opensource/commons/commons_logging.jar
KO ==> $LIB_HOME/infraestructura/log4sm/log4sm-2.0.jar
KO ==> $ORACLE_HOME/jdbc/lib/ojdbc5.jar
OK ==> /apps/datos/intranet/lib61/was/com.ibm.ws.runtime_6.1.0.jar
KO ==> $LIB_HOME/was/j2ee.jar
Nevertheless, if I type from command line
[coge5ast02].Ataxtxc1:/shared/apps/taxtxc > [[ -f $LIB_HOME/opensource/project/mpxj.jar ]] && echo "OK" || echo "KO"

I get OK, as expected.
I don't understand why expansion of $LIB_HOME does not work when I read from file.

By the way, OS is Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.7 (x86_64), under bash shell.

Thanks a lot.
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Old 10-11-2013
while read line; do [[ -f $(echo $line) ]] ....


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Old 10-11-2013
[[ -f "$line" ]]

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Old 10-11-2013
Thanks both.
I already tried as you both say and it doesn't work, either. I also tried using single brackets, and nothing. It looks like it is unable to substitute $LIB_HOME by its content.
[coge5ast02].Ataxtxc1:/shared/apps/taxtxc > env | grep LIB_HOME
Even more. If I type 'set -x' to see what is really evaluated, I get:
[coge5ast02].Ataxtxc1:/shared/apps/taxtxc > while read line; do [[ -f $(echo $line) ]] && echo "OK ==> $line" || echo "KO ==> $line"; done < temp.txt
+ read line
++ echo '$LIB_HOME/opensource/project/mpxj.jar'
+ [[ -f $LIB_HOME/opensource/project/mpxj.jar ]]
+ echo 'KO ==> $LIB_HOME/opensource/project/mpxj.jar'
KO ==> $LIB_HOME/opensource/project/mpxj.jar
Using double quotes I get same output:
[coge5ast02].Ataxtxc1:/shared/apps/taxtxc > while read line; do [[ -f "$line" ]] && echo "OK ==> $line" || echo "KO ==> $line"; done < temp.txt
+ read line
+ [[ -f $LIB_HOME/opensource/project/mpxj.jar ]]
+ echo 'KO ==> $LIB_HOME/opensource/project/mpxj.jar'
KO ==> $LIB_HOME/opensource/project/mpxj.jar
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Old 10-11-2013
Please issue an :
echo $LIB_HOME

as well as an :
env | grep LIB_HOME

before running the while statement (this to make sure that the $LIB_HOME variable have a relevant value and exists in your environment
[[ -f $(eval echo $line) ]]

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Old 10-11-2013
It worked!! Thanks a lot.

Can you tell me why 'eval' is necessary and my command did not work without it? I don't understand why.

Anyway, I really appreciate your answer. It saves me a lot of work to replace each variable manually.

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Old 10-11-2013
eval force the evaluation of the variable $line before echo process it
so :
eval echo $line

becomes :
echo $LIB_HOME/opensource/whatever

so that the $LIB_HOME is evaluated by the echo command

Otherwise , $line is evaluated only once so the $LIB_HOME remains as litteral and is never evaluated.
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