auto startup of a program

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Old 09-09-2001
auto startup of a program

how do i make a program run at system startup?
is there a hirarchy i have to consider?
is there any equivalent to an NT "Service" in unix?
how do you set it up?

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Old 09-09-2001

It depends on at what runlevel your system comes up.Suppose if your system comes up at run level 3 then you need to place the startup script in the directory where your other run level 3 scripts are placed or in the directory where your other run level 2 scripts (run level 2 , i am saying b'cos run level 2 is an intermediate state when your system comes up in run level 3). Also the startup script should start with alphabet S followed by a number. The number indicates the order in which the scripts are executed. Actually the scripts in the /etc/rc?.d directory are links to files placed in /etc/rc.d directory and these files are executed when the system comes up. Usually people keep DATABASE startup and shutdown scripts in these directories so that when a system comes up the database starts and when the sysem goes down the database also goes down and it's manually done.

Hope this helps
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Old 09-13-2001
Re: auto startup of a program

All system startup scripts are stored in /etc/rc.d directory.
Care has to be taken by the script to catch start and stop actions as system gives this as argument

Cheers Smilie

Amit Jain
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