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Old 08-25-2001
Bug Were do I start?


Hello Forum

I am finishing my windows 2K MCSE, I am also a network admin for a major law firm about 4000 employees firm wide.

I have fallen in love with web hosting and administration.

How can I incorporate Unix in my line of web administration passion, There have to be a cert/class/flavor of Unix that goes with this. Were do I start.Smilie

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

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Old 08-26-2001

you could take a unxi flavor like solaris/freebsd/netbsd/openbsd because you can download them free and have one page for all the support you need. (proberly cost you something). or you could take linux (ofcourse you buy one)(you can download if for free also but then you have to find out many things). then you should use a version with many cd's so you have al the needed apps on cd. and if you need to support you aks the person who programmed the program you have troubles with or on newsgroups/forums/irc. the problems with linxu are that if you wan to upgrade it goes somethimes a bit diffycult. (need to download much because a program needs many new libs what it you don't have installed. ). ofcourse there are handy pages where you can find these things. ( http://freshmeat.net ).
if you want to have a commercial support (more then when you buy solaris/netbsd/freebsd/openbsd/linux ) you couldgo for sco unix or hp-ux or some other unix flavors. problems with the last group is that most or many programs are not opensource adn sometiimes you even need to buy licenses if you havelike more then 50 users using he email on that machine (that is not the case in linux).

for nice linux flavors
www.suse.com (my favorite)

for nice "free" unix flavors

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