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Old 08-24-2001
Question OS Install From Internet?

I have recently acquired a few Sun Sparc units and I am looking to install an operating system on each of them. Neither of the units have CD-ROM drives, but I would like to know if it is possible to net boot from the internet and install from there. If this is possible, what is the process? Do I need a boot disk? A special IP address/web page? Where can I get these?

Thanks in advance! Smilie

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Old 08-24-2001
I don't think you can install Solaris over the Internet, but you can set up a jumpstart server if you get one Solaris box with a CD running. You can buy Solaris with documentation for $75 from Sun, go to http://www.sun.com/software/solaris/binaries/. You can also download it if you have a fast connection. To set up a jump start server, you first make an install image. There is a script on the Solaris CD, something like /cdrom/cdrom0/Solaris_8/Tools/make_install_server, run it with the path to install directory as an option. For Solaris 8 there is another script on CD 2 which is something like /cdrom/cdrom0/Solaris_8/s0/Tools/patch/install_image Once that is done you have to set up a tftp ketnel and /etc/bootparams file on the install server. That should be enough to get an interactive install. To do that, get the box to be installed to the ok promt (press "stop" and "a" at the same time), and type
boot net - install

If you buy the media, it includes very detailed jumpstart instructions.
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