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Old 08-24-2001
Computer apache user dir

Ok, i went to the apache website but im still confused.

Does a server on port 5000 cause any problems?

i am able to view dir's in my var/www/html/ directory

but, I cannot access user webs

What am I doing wrong?


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Old 08-24-2001
there is a directive in the httpd.conf file that enables the ~/public_html dir. make sure it is enabled.

# UserDir: The name of the directory which is appended onto a user's home
# directory if a ~user request is received.

UserDir public_html

# Port: The port to which the standalone server listens. For
# ports < 1023, you will need httpd to be run as root initially.

Port 80

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Old 08-24-2001
The exact error message would be much help to solve this problem. Check your log. One possibilty is that the permissions for your user's directories are not set to be executable by others.

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Old 08-30-2001
here is the main page.

if i try to go to
it gives me an error. I have changed the permissions on my public_html file and the index.html file inside to chmod 755.

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Old 08-30-2001
make sure the public_html folder is chmod 755 also.
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Old 08-30-2001
I had done chmod 755 on the folder also and still got the same result. However, decided i would start anew and created another user and tried a public_html folder. It worked. So i guess it is how i configured the user macdonto.

Thanks for the help. I will try to figure out the configurations on macdonto.

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