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Old 08-08-2001
boot diskette

I have a ICL DRS3000 Server which runs AT&T SVR4 version 6 unix.

The first boot diskette got damaged. How can I replace this diskette?
Can it be created from another machine running the same Operating system?
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Old 08-09-2001
I don't think so, because the init files go to the disk.


If the machines and applications are EXACTLY the same you would be able to do this, as the init files would be identical or very close.


You can re-boot to the existing operating system from a CD_ROM with a Linux OS.

If your server has a CD-ROM drive and you have a bootable CD-ROM set the BIOS to boot to the CD-ROM drive and give it a go.

You won't kill the OS if it doesn't work.

In the while I will look into finding another way.


go have some fun!!

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