I like to mount a remote/local diskette...!

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Old 10-22-2001
Question I like to mount a remote/local diskette...!


I have to connect a remote machine (solaris server) from a workstation, and I want to access the local diskette.
I like mount the local diskette in the workstation, not the remote diskette (in the server).
The server is a Solaris 2.7 in a Sun Ultra 450.
The workstations are Sun Ultra 5.
How I do it?

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Old 10-22-2001
You question is not very clear, but mounting any kind of disk you need to be connected to THAT system. So, if you are talking about 'remote' the procedure is exactly the same after you login to the remote box.
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Old 10-22-2001
Error I need your help...!

I hope to have show you my problem...

We have many workstation whit Solaris 2.7 to connect at one server machine. Only when to work in local mode I can to access (mount) the local diskette, but when I to connect (login) at server I can`t use the local diskette (I can`t save my files in my diskette`s).

Thanks for your help.

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Old 11-07-2001

I don't think so you can do that. Once you are connected to you UNX box only your remote floppy drive or cd drive will be available. To copy it to your local floppy drive you need to ftp it to your local machine and then copy to your fd.

If there is any other way wherein you can access your local machine's fd then kindly let us know.


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Old 11-07-2001
Once your floppy is mounted, it's treated like any other file system. If you want to access your local floppy from the remote server, you must share the filesystem to the server, and mount it on the server when you want it, and unmount when you're done.

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Old 11-09-2001

But... I dont`t know do it.
If I must share the filesystem to the server, where I to find a paper that show me how do it?

Thanks, again.

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Old 11-09-2001
Type "man share".
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