Transparent compression and encryption

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Old 07-21-2011
Transparent compression and encryption

in windows you can encrypt and compress file via it properties.
It compress the file in a way that is transparent, I mean you do know that it is compressed, but you can work with it as if it is not, you don't need to decompress it in order to edit it or watch it.
The same go for encryption as long as you log via the same user that encrypted it.

Is there something similar to this in linux generally and or in ubuntu specifically?
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GZCOMPRESS(3)								 1							     GZCOMPRESS(3)

gzcompress - Compress a string

string gzcompress (string $data, [int $level = -1], [int $encoding = ZLIB_ENCODING_DEFLATE]) DESCRIPTION
This function compresses the given string using the ZLIB data format. For details on the ZLIB compression algorithm see the document "ZLIB Compressed Data Format Specification version 3.3" (RFC 1950). Note This is not the same as gzip compression, which includes some header data. See gzencode(3) for gzip compression. PARAMETERS
o $data - The data to compress. o $level - The level of compression. Can be given as 0 for no compression up to 9 for maximum compression. If -1 is used, the default com- pression of the zlib library is used which is 6. o $encoding - One of ZLIB_ENCODING_* constants. RETURN VALUES
The compressed string or FALSE if an error occurred. EXAMPLES
Example #1 gzcompress(3) example <?php $compressed = gzcompress('Compress me', 9); echo $compressed; ?> CHANGELOG
+--------+-----------------------------+ |Version | | | | | | | Description | | | | +--------+-----------------------------+ | 5.4.0 | | | | | | | Added $encoding parameter. | | | | +--------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
gzdeflate(3), gzinflate(3), gzuncompress(3), gzencode(3). PHP Documentation Group GZCOMPRESS(3)

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