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Old 10-20-2002
IPNAT / Transparent proxy loops...


My situation:

I have an OpenBSD firewall/proxy (, running IPF/IPNAT w/ Squid as transparent proxy. This machine is configured to be gateway to the network.

This works great, all the clients WWW-requests on the internal network are rerouted to the proxyport by this IPNAT-rule:

rdr fxp0 port 80 -> port 3128

However, I would like to use another machine as a transparent proxy and have run into some problems... The new machine runs Solaris 8 i386 ( and I have succesfully compiled and configured Squid. I use the same config I used with the "firewall-squid-version".
After changing the IPNAT-rule to:

rdr fxp0 port 80 -> port 3128

It won't work... I can see a message: Website found, waiting for reply, but figure this is only because DNS-lookup of the website was succesfull. DNS-lookups are punched through the firewall and happen independently from the squid-proxy.

What I figure happened is this:

- A client wants to connect to the internet.
- Request travels to port 80
- Request is redirected to squid on port 3128
- Squid on wants to connect to the internet.
- Squid on connects to port 80
- Squid-request is redirected to squid on port 3128 instead of to internet (because of IPNAT-rule stated above)
- And it continues to loop...

How can I change my IPNAT-rules so that all clients are redirected to port 3128 _AND_ itself is allowed direct access to the internet?
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