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Old 07-31-2001
xfree86 configuration

I've been trying to configure XFree86, and the first times that I have, it will only run at 320x? resolution.. I have an ATI card, and I've tried using the /stand/sysinstall graphical configuration method, and I've tried xf86config as well, both render the same results. that was before i reinstalled everything, i wiped the partition and reinstalled FreeBSD, upgraded it and recompiled the kernel (which i did before too). now, when I try to configure xfree86, and it displays "attempting to start server.." it just stops, like it is frozen, and nothing happens.

I know what graphics card I have, and I know what resolution/frequency my monitor can handle, but it's not working out at the moment. I'm not going to give up until i get it to work, so any suggestions are welcome. thank you for your time.
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Old 07-31-2001
i had the same problem with my ati radeon. did you try this:

XFree86 -configure

? that was the only thing that worked for me....it pretty much automatically detects everything.
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Old 08-01-2001
thanks, i'll try that
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Old 08-06-2001


I have been trying to load SuSE on my machine.
Details are as follows:

Tyan tiger 133 dual PIII 700's

1.5 GB RAM

4-20 GB IBM DTA HDD' (set as IDE)

Asound Gold ISA card

generic 24X CD-ROM Drive

ATI Radion Rage Pro graphics accelerator W/ 34MB of onboard RAM

EMC 21" high end monitor (that I don't have the drivers for.)

Epson color stylus 600 printer

Logitech Quick cam

HP colorado 8 GB Tape backup

Here is the issue I am having:
I blew away the Windose 2000 server that was running AD and was an DFS on Raid 5.

When I loaded SuSE I got to a screen that was to configure x11.
I set the video card to generic and at the next screen set the ram to 3400K.

I cannot find my monitor in the list that SuSE gives so I picked settings that are close to what I use.

KDE or Gnome will not load.
I used YasT2 to reconfig the X11R6 file but this got me to a loop detailing that I need a virtual link to my /usr/bin directory from the /var/bin directory.

I made the limnk and it directly went back into the X11R6Configure file and started again to get me into this mad loop.

I blew away the SuSE install and re-loaded Windose 2000 Server to get back online "as I am a newbee at UNIX and it's commands."

I humbly ask these questions.
1. What would be the easiest way to install this SuSE server package?

(I am willing to get a-whole-nother graphics card and monitor if this is what is causing all the issues. )

2. Is getting a Sun Microsystems unit for this install worth the cash layout?

Thank you in advance.

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