Installing XFREE86 4.2 question

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Old 04-28-2002
Installing XFREE86 4.2 question

Hi folksss..

I will ask similiar to my previous post.

Have anyone successfully install XFree86 ver. 4.2
on FREEBSD 4.5 from scratch ???

If U do, please provide step by step how U do it.

Do U use graphic user interface to setup the hardware
configuration or DOS configuration ?

I have refer to FREEBSD manual and XFREE86 manual
but they both only show a basic setup but do not
show on what to do when encounter problem or error.

Please help.

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Old 04-30-2002
The FreeBSD Handbook has the complete steps to install XFree86 from scratch (this is the same way that I installed XFree86 and it worked).

If you have any problems, please post the problem that you are having along with some sample text of the problem.

As for the configuration of XFree86, the FreeBSD Handbook outlines the process of creating an initial XF86Config file. Once this is done, you can use `xf86cfg` to graphically configure XFree86.
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Old 04-30-2002
Hi there auswipe...

Thanks for the suggestion... I'll give it another try.

I will install the base FREEBSD 4.5 first then install
XFREE86 4.2 after and see if I can configure it to
run KDE 3.0 or not. If I encounter problem...
U folksss will be the first to be bother by me Smilie

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