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Old 07-24-2001
Hammer & Screwdriver logoff ghost user

I just noticed by running a who command that I was logged in twice . So two admin2 are on the list. (solaris 2.6)
Since I telnet using a windows 98, I suppose that I forgot to CTRL-D last time I logged in and clicked on hangup.
In such a case, how can I loggoff the old ghost loggin ?
It's not a process so cannot use KILL, or can I ?
Securitywise, it does not look so wise to have an open loggin.

Thanks for your enlightments.

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Old 07-24-2001
kill -9`ps -ef|grep $user|grep (pts/??|tty?)|awk '{ print $2 }'`

there ya go. all you need to know is the user and the pts or tty you want to knock off. ;} even zombie prossesses have a proccess id (i beleave)
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Old 07-24-2001
when you type in who you'll see your username and the terminal you're using ... eg:

admin2 ttyp1
admin2 ttyp3

with a second command "who am i" you can find out the terminal you re using in the moment:
admin2 ttyp3 ....

so you know that ttyp1 was the terminal from before ... search for processes running on that terminal:
ps -ft ttyp3

then you can kill all processes running under this terminal.

BUT: I can be that who is still showing you logged in ... never found out when and why this information is not leaving

BUT #2: If there are no processes runnning it makes no difference if who is showing you logged in or not.
The only point which could be important is that you lose one number from the number of maximal ttys.
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Old 07-24-2001
for sakes of argument if you do a "w" and get the list of users loged in (which reflects from /var/adm/wtmp) and you noticed that there are no process running you can just wipe out that file but in that process you would also lose anyinfo for anyone logged in. you can also use the last command to see if it is actually still logged in (if it is it should most deffinetly have a PID.)

if it is showing up it has to have a pid zommbied or not.

man last

The last  command looks in the  /var/adm/wtmpx  file,  which
     records  all  logins  and  logouts,  for information about a
     user, a terminal, or  any  group  of  users  and  terminals.
     Arguments  specify  names of users or terminals of interest.

man utmp
The utmp database file contains user access  and  accounting
     information  for  commands  such  as  who(1),  write(1), and
     login(1). The wtmp file contains the history of user  access
     and accounting information for the  utmp database. The data-
     base contained in these files can be manipulated  using  the
     getutent() family of functions.  Entries in the database are
     described  by  the  definitions  and  data   structures   in
     <utmp.h>. See getutent(3C).

please correct me if i am wrong.
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Old 07-24-2001
Wouldn't it be safer to do a `kill -1` or `kill -HUP` on each of those idle or zombie sessions? I suppose that a -15 or -9 would be needed in some cases, but if you made a mistake, it would be easier to recover from Smilie
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