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Old 07-13-2001
Question slow ftp

On one of of solaris 7 boxes whenever i telnet or ftp it takes sometime before i get the prompt...any quick ideas where I should look...Thanks
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Old 07-13-2001
dns troubles

When i have troubls with connecting (it looks slow when i connect to a server) it ha smost times todo that the server has no dns entry. So this could be by you also be the problem.
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Old 07-13-2001
This problem also occures when the server uses identd to help authenticate and the their is a problem with identd on the client side. This is similar to the DNS problem; basically something going amiss to slow down the process. Often putting a sniffer and watching the packets whiz by solves quickly identifies the problem (either DNS or identd or both).
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Old 07-16-2001
indeed was a DNS issue...Thanks guys...
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